Enjoy one of the most famous trick-taking card games – Hearts. Here you can play free online hearts with people from all over the world. Join thousands of other players in this card-game multiplayer adventure.

Hearts is a 4-player trick-taking card game where the aim is to avoid getting penalty points. Each heart is worth one penalty point and the queen of spades is worth 13 penalty points. The other cards have no value. There is no trump suit. You can read the full rules of Hearts on our rules page.

VIP Hearts is more than a simple card game. What makes our platform better is the ease of finding a balanced game and the community behind the whole platform. We provide a complex matchmaking system that guarantees the thrill of each Internet Hearts game you play.

Key Features and Benefits of VIP Hearts

• Random card-dealing system with as close to real shuffling as possible – no favors, only luck!

• Abandon penalty and bot-replacement for enjoyable and competitive Hearts matches.

• Full Facebook integration – invite your friends and share gifts!

• Complete cross platform play – play with friends on any device with one account!

• The most dynamic card-gaming experience – free forever!

• Free chips from a daily bonus, scratch cards, wheel of fortune and friend invites!

• Error proof reconnection – get back into the game no matter what happens!

• Play vs AI in a special training room or vs real people online! Cool animated gifts, abuse-free phrases and emoticon system!

Game Website: https://viphearts.com/


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